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Semantic web and ontology proof of concepts

Interested in how ontologies or semantic web technology might benefit you? We offer a proof of concept package to enable you and your organisation to explore the benefits of using Sem Web and ontology technology for your data, applications and users. This includes proof of concepts in:

  • Building in-house triple stores of your data
  • Deploying ontologies in your search interfaces
  • Applying ontologies to integrate your data

We are able to provide feasibility reports, initial prototypes or more advanced early application examples to suit your needs and circumstances and allow you to explore the technology with low risk, whilst keeping costs down. We have experience in building applications at scale for large data stores and our people were heavily involved in developing the EBI RDF Platform.

Ontology development

We have a long-standing and wide-ranging experience in building ontologies and terminologies. We place great importance in understanding our clients requirements to develop a semantic solution that best meet these needs.

We develop ontologies for applications, as tools for data integration and for their use in search engines. As well as developing new ontologies, we also understand how to extend and modify existing ontologies to meet a set of user's requirements - whether that be an under-represented

Ontology mapping

When data is already mapped to an existing vocabulary or ontology, it is often necessary to perform a mapping between entities in the different ontologies used in the wider community. This is a particular issue concerning areas such as disease, where there are many highly used resources including MeSH, Human Disease Ontology, NCI Thesaurus, OMIM, SNOMED CT, ICD-10 and Orphanet Rare Diseases.

We have experience and expertise in mapping between terminologies and resources, using a combination of manual annotation and automated semantic matching. We are familiar with many resources covering areas such as Phenotypes (HPO, PATO), Genetic attributes (GO), Anatomy (Uberon), assay (OBI, BioAssay), chemical and drug (ChEBI) and multi-omic (EFO).

Data annotation

Data comes in all shapes and sizes. Integration across multi-omics data is a challenging and expensive task. Our in-house tooling can help to annotate your data with ontologies and terminologies and our crowd sourcing services can help to rapidly develop your annotated resources into richly described, shareable and integrated knowledge.

As well as annotate your data with an ontology/ontologies, we can give you just the ontology that describes your data with our application ontology building tool. This will enable you to link your data to your search interface and help your users find what they are looking for.

Research and academic partnerships

We actively engage with the research community including within academic institutes and NGOs. If you are looking for an academic SME partner based in the UK then please contact us.