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Kusp is a data curation, sharing and discovery platform. It simplifies data curation and discovery through automation and the application of advanced semantic technologies.

Kusp annoation pipelineKusp annotation pipeline

CURATION: Automation is achieved by smart features on the web interface or via the REST application programmatic interface (API), reducing the cost of curation, which hitherto is labour-intensive. To ensure curation accuracy, Kusp implements user-specified "rules" to curate data fields, and provides an at-a-glance summary of annotations on the interface for users to validate. The flexible combination of varying degrees of automation and manual effort lets users control the balance between curatorial quality and throughput.

SHARING: Kusp only annotates data with ontology terms and stable identifiers, thus aligning data with standards and improving data interoperability. Kusp's sharing function facilitates collaborative curation activities, and enables users to easily disseminate standardised data to colleagues. Using the API, data can also be retrieved in a variety of formats, and then fed into data analysis pipelines in streamlined processes.

DISCOVERY: Kusp capitalises on the semantically annotated data from private and public sources. Using in-house machine-learning algorithms, Kusp data discovery is context-aware and ontology-specific. Users can identify relevant data sets beyond simple keyword matches and expand their research horizons.


Rapid annotation

Easy and rapid annotation of data using automation and advanced semantic technologies.

Saves time, money and effort spent on manual curation

Reserves curatorial manpower for tackling the most complicated cases and fine-tuning Kusp output

Adds semantics critical for data integration, intelligent search and data discovery

Makes data standards-compliant

BioBuckets icon

Use BioBuckets to manage and integrate your data.

Archives data securely

Integrates private and public data sets on a single platform

Performs intelligent semantic search on data, e.g. disease names written with numeric codes but mapped to ontology terms will be searchable

Improve data discovery

Improved data discovery through semantic annotations and advanced machine learning techniques.

Harnesses the power of ontology-expansion to broaden the search space

Curation and annotation features

Multiple input and output formats supported: Imports Excel/text spreadsheets or JSON. Exports Excel, text, JSON or RDF.

Data security: Kusp uses the latest encryption methods and SSL certified communication.

Automation and throughput control: Full spectrum of automation covered, from manual curations to "auto-annotate". Scalable annotation, from a single entity, column(s) to entire BioBucket.

Data tab

REST API: Programmatic access to the same data upload, automatic annotation and data export functionalities as on the web interface.

Annotation summary: Ideal for manually reviewing or spot-checking results of annotations.

Annotations tab

Annotation rules: "Teach" Kusp how to annotate cases which are likely to confound Kusp's algorithm.

Annotation rules

Ontology view: Per-entity view with links to all BioBuckets, ontology mappings and hierarchical tree.

Ontology view

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