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Kusp is a knowledge sharing platform, which improves data curation and data discovery. The platform allows users to simplify data curation through automation and the application of advanced data science techniques. Kusp also improves data discovery by utilising this curation process to find and recommend relevant scientific data through the links between biological entities such as disease, genetic variation and proteins.

Kusp allows users to upload a range of private and public data to a secure platform. Once uploaded, reference ontologies and databases are used to quickly annotate biological entities. This newly curated data is then combined with the latest semantic machine learning techniques to identify the most relevant data from both public and private data sources.


Rapid annotation

Easy and rapid annotation of data using automation and advanced data science techniques.

  • Saves time and money spent on manual curation
  • Adds semantics critical for data integration and intelligent search
  • Learns from your annotations to improve performance in future
Improve data discovery

Improved data discovery through improved annotation combined with advanced machine learning techniques.

  • Use your own data to identify potential targets of interest
  • Connect your private data with public data to improve knowledge
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Use BioBuckets to store and track entities of interest to your research.

  • Receive updates on your data over time as new, relevant data becomes available
  • Search across all your data at once
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  • Automatically annotate uploaded data using reference ontologies, genes, and proteins
  • Allow manual curation of bulk parts
    • For example, annotate all cells that contain this value with this ontology term, gene ID, or other biological entity
  • Store entities of interest BioBuckets allowing for updates to ontologies
  • Capture user 'Annotation Rules' for future re-use
    • For example, when data contains a specific value, always apply a particular annotation
    • Use to translate you in-house codes used in data set into clear, understandable annotations
  • Preview entry cards for the standards you use in every annotation
    • Ontologies for:
      • Common and rare disease
      • Phenotypes
      • Compounds
      • Cell types
      • Cell lines
      • Anatomy and tissue
      • Measurements
      • Instrument such as array type
      • Environmental conditions
    • Genes
    • Proteins
    • GWAS
  • Map your existing ontology annotations to other ontologies with ontology mapping service
  • Find relevant supporting data, either through external databases or data uploaded internally
  • Perform searching over user data stored in KUSP annotations and ontology structure
    • For example, find data containing human liver carcinoma cell lines and MCM5 gene
  • Download the annotated data in various formats
    • Spreadsheets, JSON, RDF, CSV files for use internally
  • Annotation steps can be used to inform the Kusp machine learning matching algorithms to find relevant data from internal, user uploaded data, and external data stores
  • Download data at any time, alongside the annotations for public sharing or use in internal warehousing or search interfaces
  • Secure access to data using latest encryption methods and SSL certified communication
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