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Kusp Academic

What is Kusp Academic?

Kusp Academic is the non-commercial version of FactBio's flagship data curation and annotation software, offered to academic institutions with a 50 percent discount on a standard license. The software has a biologist-friendly interface, and comes with many of the same features as in the commercially available version, such as automating the annotation of hundreds of sample description terms to ontologies, fine-tuning such annotations by manual tweaks, and exporting annotated data in multiple formats.

For PhD students, FactBio is also launching a free version of Kusp, so they can start managing their data without delay.

What benefits will Kusp Academic bring to your research?

Adherence to data standards is not only a requirement of journals when publishing findings, but increasingly mandated by funding bodies in a push towards improved data management, with the ultimate goal of improving research reproducibility.

Users of Kusp Academic can curate and manage data with ease, either individually or collaboratively with colleagues on a single platform over the course of a project, as new samples, assays or data emerge. This will avoid struggles of tidying up data across numerous spreadsheets when wrapping up a project. In addition, once published, the curatorial value added to the data will boost the chance of it being discovered, cited, and reused.

How to get Kusp Academic?

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

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