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FactBio Products

Kusp Early Access Programme (KEAP)

What is it?

The Kusp Early Access Programme (KEAP) allows early adopters of FactBio’s novel data curation and discovery platform to access Kusp and work alongside FactBio developers to develop new functions which meet their emerging requirements. This enables our early adopters to have an important role in setting the future direction of Kusp.

How does it work?

Early adopters of KEAP will have direct access to FactBio’s development team and will be able to propose new features and additions to the platform depending on their specific needs. This could include for example, adding new methods to the API, supporting new import and export formats and developing new interface modes. Once the FactBio development team has the customer requirements the team will then prioritise them and work to add these to the platform.

While the new features are being developed, members of KEAP will be able to access the current version of Kusp. In addition KEAP members will have early access to the new features before they are rolled out.

What will it cost?

The price for KEAP is the same as a standard user licence. However, members of KEAP can get immediate access to Kusp for the standard price, but will have the opportunity to suggest new features they would like to see, to test those early features, and use the platform while new features are developed in advance of any full platform roll out.

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If you would like more information on our Early Access Programme or Kusp please contact us.