About FactBio

FactBio builds ontologies and tools for the curation and management of scientific data. The company's focus is on biomedical data, with the potential to apply its tools and techniques more widely. Through its consultancy services and its growing portfolio of products, the company supports its customers in exploiting experimental data and finding relevant services to accelerate their research.

The company's founders have a wealth of experience in bioinformatics, particularly in developing bio-ontologies for a range of commercial and academic partners. This has included areas such as gene expression, bio-samples, cell lines, rare diseases and linked data. The FactBio team have previously been involved with a number of significant bioinformatics projects which includes EFO (Experimental Factor Ontology), CTTV (Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation) and the European Bioinformatics Institute's RDF Linked Data Platform.

FactBio is now using this expertise to develop its own products and provide consultancy services to the life sciences industry. The company is developing its own software, called Kusp (Knowledge Sharing Platform). Through Kusp users can curate their data alongside the ontologies and database entities they decide to use, including managing their own. The platform also allows users to enhance their ability to monitor and track multiple entities of interest to their research, such as genes, proteins, drugs, pathways and people. Kusp keeps people connected, and allows the scientist to become a crucial, interactive part of the knowledge platform. Kusp gives the scientists the power to share their findings with colleagues, with the wider world, or keep it private.

FactBio's vision is to create software that enable novel discoveries to be made using very large and complex biomedical data - both new data and potentially valuable in-house legacy data - in a timely and cost effective manner. The power of the FactBio approach lies in meaningfully connecting data generated within organisations to the billions of data points and the expert scientific knowledge that exists in the public domain. Users of the software can interrogate the data and knowledge, without the significant time overhead of waiting for human intervention to connect and analyse the relevant data. This will be of particular benefit when asking questions about complex diseases such as cancer, which involve data from areas such as genetics, proteomics, drug targets, pathways and clinical history. FactBio's software will enable scientists to identify candidate drug targets, develop more effective develop more effective treatments and identify responsiveness of patients to particular drugs.

FactBio offers a range of consultancy and training services. Through the team's expertise and experience in developing and implementing new bioinformatics technologies, FactBio is well placed to handle initial proof of concept projects and offers a consultancy service for this. In addition, the company also runs regular training sessions on the latest techniques and technologies in bioinformatics.

Senior Management

Dr James Malone – Chief Executive Officer.
Email: james@factbio.com

james malone photo As CEO James is responsible for the direction of the company, with a particular focus on developing the overall strategy, and FactBio’s products. He is a highly experienced bioinformatician, having worked with a range of commercial and academic partners to develop bioinformatics solutions. James was previously CTO at the e-Science Data Lab and a Lead Ontologist and bioinformatician at the European Bioinformatics Institute, one of the world’s premier research centres for bioinformatics.